Victory’s going well okay so day three I had my op on Tuesday today is Friday and I’ve managed to shower on my own um and I feel much better for it um I did have a shower on Wednesday to get rid of all the Hospital cropped aided by my wonderful boyfriend he was armed with a flannel which is.

A delightful thing to do especially as it was Valentine’s Day blessin today I can report I really didn’t feel like making a movie.

Yesterday because after my initial filming for an update and I was feeling good in the morning and kind of went a bit downhill from there in terms of I just felt grotty.

So when they tell you you know you’re only gonna be able to do 15 minutes and stuff at a time and then you wake up and you feel great and you feel like you can go and make up tea and you feel that you can go and pot around the house and stuff you’ll feel fine doing it and then your.

Sudden you feel like you really have to sit down and then you just feel grotty so yeah they’re not lying when they tell you you’re gonna need some rest and I’m still feeling a bit grotty today I’ve got a bit of a sweat on from the effort of having a shower and I think the main thing to look out for is I mean.

My arm feels sort of fine unless like a guitar and you know I’ve got pretty good movement on it really um the main thing to look out for it’s the lightheadedness but otherwise you’re doing good here you can see the bruising I was talking about from the tape the weirdest thing to.

Do is all under here particularly around here and back here feels completely dead um like you know when you get a dead arm but.

You can still kind of feel it and it goes all prickly quite quickly this this is like deader than dead like anesthetic dead which is a good thing because you know obviously it’d be.

Hurtin but that’s the main witness today is how weird it all feels don’t feel it so much across here.

Today and the blue nipple thing that’s looking more like a dispersed bruise now rather than the bright blue beacon that I had previously that I haven’t taken any painkillers today and I’m able to press it all gently I can feel it’s a little bit tender around here but generally speaking.


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