anand Kumar I am a catalysed from Bangalore I had got my first year transplantation done in 2011 February by a plastic surgeon and a very unfortunately I did not even have a dozen of hair grown on my hair ahead I was extremely disappointed and it took about another you know few years for somebody to tell.
About eugenics and about dr.
Pradeep so I was so disappointed that you know I did not have any faith but then I was convinced by another dermatologist so I.

Came to Delhi and I got it done and I think you know I got almost 100% result and even when the pain during the procedure the first time and I had the procedure the pain was for one year but the result was almost zero but the second time pain was almost almost it was painless and the result in my experience I feel you know it’s about almost hundred percent it’s more than three and a half years and surprisingly.

You know we had a silver jubilee celebration of MBBS classmates and many of them were so surprised they were they could not.
Recognize me and they were saying who is this.

Our junior and that was a great compliment I am enjoying that compliment that I looking and the eugenics has made a lot of difference to my feeling and my you know confident level everything and eugenics is there is it’s about the transplantation and the result even the hospitality it’s really.

Amazing very very very satisfactory right the excellent everybody is excellent here.

So I thank you genex and I wish regenexx all the best.



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