You so we are learning quick and easy way to put on sling with one arm takes a little bit of practice but you don’t want to have to ask people to help every single time that you do it so let’s learn tag goes on the outside it’s kind of confusing because you would think if you go on the.

Inside all slings pretty much the tag goes on the outside okay so I’ll pretend my right arm doesn’t work you want.

To get that elbow in first okay so you’re kind of got a slide the sling up get that elbow all the way in the back okay now.

If these fingers are working over here you can kind of hold on to keep it in place and if they’re not working that’s okay just hold your arm close to your body best you can you’re gonna go up.

And over with this okay pull the strap around up and over then you’ve got to find the two silver.

Loops got the loops here we’re gonna pull the strap through move your hair out of the way and strap it on okay that grows on them on different places so just kind of go by feeling because you’re probably not gonna.

Be able to see it and then you’ve got this foam pad which is here to protect and rubbing against your skin so make sure that you move it and adjust it to the.

Part where you feel the most rubbing on your skin because you’re likely not always going to be wearing turtleneck like that um one other tip it is this part here if you feel.

Like you need more support you push it up and if you feel like you need less support you push it down more support it’s usually better than less support so don’t wear your sling super loose cuz it’s not going to be any good so make sure you’re nice and supported.

Take it off the same way okay hold down up and over a couple times the practice easy-peasy you.


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