Hello everyone my name is Nestor Urrea and in this video we are going to talk about diffusion of innovation and the main elements that distillery has Everett Rogers was an eminent American communication theorist and so salt who created the diffusion of innovation tarry diffusion is the process by which an innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among.

The members of a social system diffusion is a special type of communication concerned with the spread of messages the perceived as a new idea in this graph we can see how the percentage of adoption of an innovation change over time the main element in the diffusion.

Of new ideas are innovation communication channels time social system innovation an innovation is an idea practice or object perceived as by an individual or rate of adoption communication channels a communication channel is.

The means by which messages get from one individual to another mass media channels are more effective including knowledge of.

Innovation where as interpersonal channels are more effective in forming in changing attitudes toward a new idea and thus influencing the decision to adopt or get an idea time time is involved in diffusion in the innovation efficient process innovativeness and innovations rate of adoption social system is a set of interrelated units that are engaged in doing problem solving to accomplish a common goal a system passes two to wish its ability are regulated to individual in a system the.

Social system and communication structures of a system facilitate facilitate or impede the diffusion of innovation in the system well does the basic concept of division of innovation thanks for watching.


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