One I would start with actually just having and again what I think we can only does I would actually have a set up time with them that they know they’re gonna meet with you every other week every week so it’s not like you just pop in you’re like that project you did you need to really talk about it.

You want to have ken now can we do Poppins yes because you can.

Some things you can’t let’s it but if I know every Tuesday at three o’clock we meet and I know what we’re going to discuss and you’ve created an atmosphere look it’s not easy we all want candid feedback and as supervisors but our students will tell you you know if you say here’s.
Something I’m struggling what is your thought what.

Can we be doing better in this space they’re gonna come.

To you and they’re gonna tell you the idea but you’ve gotta create a scenario if they don’t feel comfortable with you they’re not gonna give you feedback um how do you give them constructive feedback you know you could always go there’s multiple ways.

You’re gonna get to know your student you know and we work with everyone differently you worked all work with teams and people and you know how do you provide feedback to some is different I.

Have people I’m very intentional with I can be very direct here’s an area we really need to work on you need to do this but then there’s people I’m like here’s where you’re doing a fantastic job you know I love what you’re doing in this space I love how you did this it did this walk me through if you’re giving negative.

Feedback I might ask them just to start off by saying walk me through what your thought what you will and not in a negative way walk me.

Free to thought process we use we created this program when you took on this well we know how to.

Do a project and then you continue no one was good at it you know but here’s how I might approach it when going forward you’ve got to create an environment again 13 to 22 the majority have not had feedback this has to be a growth opportunity because here’s.

The thing if they do things terribly for you and.

You don’t give them that feedback then they just take that in there like I was awesome let me go.

On to the next and we’ve seen I see it all the time I mean they’re like I’ve got those.

Braids everyone told me how great I was and then they get on an interview with someone else in their life oh no no no no so you’ve got to be in the space where you can provide them feedback.

But it can be in a very positive reinforcing manner helpful wonderful any other questions yeah just you have ten weeks right if you.

In and do the market research and design website and then company they launch it you’re going to be married so you need to be really.

Conservative they can do and well I found it the best way to stage it is this.

The piece that I think you can get done and then if you get that done early here’s the next piece that I.

Think you can approach because they want to leave with their sense of accomplishment sad thing instead of I got this thing half done and then left absolutely on the flip side of that though I would say you need to you know try and test them to a.


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