You know we are uniquely good historically an innovation to me it’s a it’s a unique moment for innovation in the global economy you know to seize that there’s some things that make that unique strength durable and they have to do with with education and and what we value in education meaning imagination and creativity and so the notion of.

Having a point of view about high standards and high achievement nationally I think it’s a very important thing.

Doesn’t mean everybody has to do it the same way but having a national point of view about about that I think it’s.

Really important and I think frankly dealing with the fact that so much of our education policy and written frequently so much of our economic and industrial policy is driven by nostalgia we deal with that I don’t know how many conversations I had an in office without old to know better figure out how make the school the way they used to be when I was in school and now we.

Keep hearing about how oh I’ve got to figure out how to get that that factory back instead of how do we imagine what tomorrow’s gonna be like that and drive toward that how do we and so I think we’ve been really really good about innovation I think we.

Have not been as good about transition and that’s the human partner mean we figure out how to clean up from the innovation after the innovations happen instead of how to make out of bringing everybody not just bringing everybody a lot but frankly make everybody a part.

Of the innovation you know the innovators wind and everybody else is a consequence well there’s a way to think about everybody being a part of the innovation we’ve done it at least once in wartime you know we’ve had it as a national cause but there’s a way to think about about seizing this innovation economy as our own and transition to it as a national cause we’re where the economy grows out to everybody and not just up to a few a few winners so I.

Do think there’s a way to think about a national frame and themes and strategy that then is tailored for local for local differences in.


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