Good morning everybody come on me you so cute I know you want me to sit with you but I actually have to keep getting ready because mommy has to go to school Wow I have school today my first day hashtag not super pumped but it’s life um yeah I’m getting ready for school I have orientation today it’s bittersweet.

You guys this is my last semester and I’m super excited to be done but also like I love you Curtis okay let’s do this.

My keys of course I have them I’m a matter how prepared you are still.

Never feel prepared enough I swear.

Granted I I failed on my one best tip studying things out the night before I didn’t do that last night and I regret it big time hey girl you read a quote side all right push that you get to push the handle push it here you got help push hey win win I took some naps we just ate a little bit of food except I have a stomachache because I haven’t been I haven’t been eating very good my mouth what okay you have an O in your mouth yeah we’re.

Just sitting here waiting for Charlie to come and get us and then we’re gonna go get Delilah I’m so tired so I’m having a little bit of coffee baby thank you you’re so helpful oh I’m so blessed thank.

You amen yeah thank you here I’ll get it thank you though daddy’s gonna be here soon oh man I love all my school stuff.

In here my car such a mess so many crumbs what happened is I actually accidentally dumped this entire box on my floor and it really sorry I’m so bummed for that love we thank you she looked outside for a little bit okay yeah she does.

My smooches and they took your hunk away yes yeah you did materials yours you’re so tall I should just get it I’m sure with my face on it’s just right here now literally be so funny already my name on it so he doesn’t even actually have to be I mean he doesn’t he’ll talk that much hahaha I love you we just emptied out our fridge for the first time in an embarrassing amount of.

Time so I have a good of dishes that I have to deal with Charlie say he’s gonna do it tomorrow though so I might honestly believe it yes this is how you could tell the semester started honestly is our house just looks like this I love you when I get stressed out I kind of clam.
Up and I can’t do anything it’s really weird I don’t know I need to.

Work through it but we’re outside for a little bit bye daddy are you okay.

Get no water my garden what you know to do you have to put the whole stuff stops up put the hose in it set it down Kip put it in pretty far hold on tight okay I’ll probably carry it for you huh you want to try to carry it too heavy here I’ll carry it for you okay water may cucumbers which are right in here they’re growing right in here cucumbers are certain a girl.

Got me to vlog you holding it okay I’m vlogging what well we’re water we’re watering the garden.

Big Boss yeah you’re so cute up are you holding it you want me to hold your lol okay I’ll hold them thank you pink man in a little bit hey squirrel I wish wait I had a baby horse that I can ride you she had a baby horse you could ride in the backyard ha ha ha watch wasn’t much was a.

Girl and her name was horseshoe oh that’s what her name would be that’s very creative crashing it I can’t really Oh Delilah hurts so bad apparently you need your nails cut that must not have been part of Daddy’s a nail salon deal huh although pop-up cut Winnie’s nails apparently the men and the family.

Do the nails this guy is beautiful you guys how gorgeous is that that is so beautiful here blow it burning and oh my goodness now how it works you are funny.

I think you dizzy spitting on yourself at this point oh boy careful oh.

Are you okay when you go up climb up okay sissies her and then move out of the way so sissy can run up it good job look at little Daredevils she’s in bed alright let’s go get our jammies on the.

Girls are picking out some books I’m gonna fill up the water because when this habit of letting them have water before bed which is probably why when I can’t stay dry.

At night not eat you how about you each get to pick up see you can pick out a book so you pick one Delilah and when he picked that one deal you can pick one okay okay everybody up in sissy’s bed I know you guys can chair just hey let’s sissy have it just wait wait please be patient wait your turn all right we’re just doing one some pick which one.

You want to read speeds why Mitch this is the one where you picked out and I you get to pick one book which one do I read that one you’re right okay Fancy.

Nancy hairdos and hair don’ts do not forget tomorrow’s picture day miss class reminds us reminding.

Is fancy for making us remember something I also have a surprise Oh Oh what is it ask Clara if I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise says.

Miss glass you will find out tomorrow goodbye I say to miss glass she didn’t need to remind me about picture day it is just about the most important day of the school year I will wear my pink shirt with ruffles my purple skirt with ruffles my pink and purple socks with.

Ruffles ruffles make anything fancy so it’s 9 o’clock at night and to be honest the last thing that I feel like doing right now is running on the treadmill but.

I’ve been slicing this weeks I’ve been a little overwhelmed with everything going on in my life and I haven’t read I haven’t run at all this week so instead of making excuses for another day and I am training training for a half marathon i don’t–all fall I.

Don’t want to put that into the universe I’m just having my I’m just I just need to.

Work on strengthening my back.

So I don’t have any back problems basically summer on if you’re on three and a half miles so I’m gonna do that.

Even I literally 9 o’clock at night yeah you have to force yourself to do it people because you’re not you can’t wait to feel like doing it because you’re not gonna feel like doing it you have to start doing it and then while you’re doing it you’ll feel like doing.

It that makes sense so let’s do this all right y’all there’s like no air movement in my basement which is kind of self-explanatory it’s a basement I had super warm but I finished my run I hate running.

The treadmill but sometimes that’s obviously just marking median and either I run into trouble or I skip my run I have a feeling I’ll be running on the treadmill a lot.


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