It’s a proven fact that year after year gifted young students from all over America want to study for their pharmd degree at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy however without scholarship aid many of these smart students simply cannot afford the out-of-state tuition did you know that the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy ranks number nine out of.

Over 150 colleges can the Alumni help raise it to the top five this is the question that dr.

Bob asked and why he created the Chris.

Off each allenge his vision was and still is to create.

Scholarships for bright future pharmacist the first Chris a feat challenge was in 2015 and each year dr.

Bob’s expectations have been exceeded by far the challenge works like this dr.

Bob donates a certain amount of money and challenges.

Match it if matched or exceeded the college gets all the money for scholarships alone this all happens in just 10 days in 2015 dr. Bob donated $10,000 the Alumni donated $23,000 totaling $33,000 for scholarships in just 10 days the donor program was so successful.
Then it got the attention of the University of Florida’s president the.
Bob increased his donation to $20,000 seeing the Alumni donating more than 43,000 20:17 was no different with a grand total of 102 thousand dollars raised just look at the record number. Bob is passionate about elevating the College of Pharmacy to the top five physician in the USA he knows that an exceptionally smart student body is needed to reach that goal and he also knows that scholarships attract the brightest and best students. Bob is increasing his donation to 50 dollars hoping to raise as much as $120,000 judging from the momentum the cassava challenge has gained so far why can’t we after all the college has more than.

12,500 alumni if just 10% donated we could reach unimaginable numbers however we need more alumni to give back to achieve this goal the 2018 cross a feat challenge will begin in early October if you haven’t donated before this is your.

Chance to rewrite history come on alumni let’s work really hard to help Dean Julie Johnson elevate our College of Pharmacy to the number 5 spot in the USA WWE are Safi challenge calm.


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