Hey everyone we are checking the University School of Pharmacy and what you’re about to watch is our music video pairing shut up and dance we’d like to thank all our student officers who put in so many hours to make this all possible and we’d like to thank our faculty as well for supporting us so well our music media.

Follows a student who’s trying to find their way through francisco so we hope you enjoy it studying all night exams at 8:30 all of our classes at once natural.

ID self-care in cardiology distance will be the death of me or beating people shut my hands we follow save it see SHP I took a chance and I gave them money and now we will always be together always be together.

Come to board recruitment starts and she said so many orcs to choose which is the one for me but have you talked to she’s a job and.
Don’t see SHP we’ll prep you for your residency she.

I’m at my iffy site every Friday I have heartburn please help me I don’t know what to take I’ll give you Pepsi tums and omeprazole that’s wrong do you wanna kill the patient go help that other patient.

Took her arm how do I give you this shock is it I am her so cure I’m finally done with retail that’s not the one for me let’s try a hospital but to really my ad and beats let’s help you shut up and dance with me and seminar I think I see my future present my posters and build my network GSH be open so many doors for me give me an opportunity last year and.

Now I am say it hits right to me patience is what makes me happy she said oh shut up and look back this is the field for me that my wife goes my my back I said it’s great to be in father my destiny she said it’s time to start my residency it’s great to be in pharmacy it’s great.


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