Geico Naza and I practice in the town of East Rockaway New York today I’d like to share a case review how a gentleman came to us it was unhappy with his smile as you can see he didn’t even want to smile for the furrows here you can see he’s missing his quite a few.

Lower teeth and some of his upper teeth and he suffers from what we call occlusal disease or where he was biting down he wasn’t functioning properly.
Because of all the missing teeth he told us that he did not want to.

Have dentures of any removable teeth of any kind so.

We offered him the option of dental implants.

We were able to place four dental implants on the lower arch as you can see which were quite enough to stabilize.

And support a fixed porcelain bridge and then we opted to also place six implants on the upper arch which were quite enough also to stabilize and support a fixed a porcelain bridge and as you see in these photos they are fixed non removable teeth that allows the patient to function.

Normally properly and naturally if you’re interested in learning more about dental implants full mouth rehabilitation or implant supported fixed bridges please contact us at five hundred six.

Eight eight seven three five five zero or online at canosa dental comm thank you.


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