Hi my name is Bushra and I work for community pharmacy West Yorkshire today I’m going to be talking to you about how GP practice teams and community pharmacy teams can work together to make sure that the rollout of care navigation is successful I think it’ll be really helpful before we start that I summarized some key information about community.
Pharmacy so community pharmacies are part of the.

NHS family like GPS are and for the.

Average community pharmacy 90 to 95.

Percent of its income comes from the NHS community pharmacy really is a way of accessing health care professionals really easily and you don’t need an appointment and often they’re open long hours and that times when other parts of the system are considered to be out of hours community pharmacists see patients on a regular basis and the teams are experts in helping patients to manage minor ailments they’re able to supply a wide range of medicines including pharmacy.

Which can be supplied only under the supervision of her pharmacist the pharmacy teams can provide you with lots of advice and that’s always free but any medicines that they recommend must be purchased NHS England has issued national guidance and is asking GPS not to routinely prescribe over-the-counter medicines for a.

Range of minor health concerns most areas are going live or have already done so.

With these changes all pharmacies provide these NHS services which include dispensing and repeat dispensing and disposal of unwanted or out-of-date medicines this is really useful for those patients that find medication in their cover that is out of date or find medicines that they are no longer using they can bring them back to the community.

Pharmacy to be disposed of many pharmacies provide additional services such as the medicines use review service and flu as you can see on the slide I have mentioned a few others and the list is not exhaustive I suggest.

GP practice team speak to the local community pharmacy teams about which services they provide and if you do have an opportunity to visit the community pharmacy please do.
So to see how the service works it is easier to promote.

A service if you understand what it entails as you can explain to the patients what they can expect if they’re directed to one of these services in the community pharmacy additional services vary from pharmacy to RC and the NHS website can be used to check which services are provided in which pharmacies the link is at the bottom of the slide for the NHS website so what is care navigation care navigation is giving patients a choice to obtain health care advice from other healthcare professionals and there are.

Several opportunities for care navigation to community pharmacy the largest of which is for shifting patients with minor ailments from GP practices into community pharmacy but for care.

Navigation to be successful GP practice teams need to work with the community pharmacy teams make sure you involve them in the rollout of care navigation discuss and agree what the process will be for care navigating patients to the pharmacy agree on what the key message will be that you give to the patients you need to make sure the patients are given the same message from the GP practice as well as a community.

Pharmacy because if this does not happen patients will lose faith in the process it is important to continue to communicate during and after the implementation of these changes to ensure you have the most up-to-date information available about the pharmacy and its services if we get care navigation right there is.
A massive potential to shift.

Significant numbers of patients to community pharmacy and this will be good for patients good for GP practices and good for community pharmacies the key to success is collaboration for the care navigation process to run.

Smoothly it is vital that GP practice teams are familiar with what services the community.

Pharmacies offer and how the GP surgery can access a refer patient into them to minimize waste of time we would encourage you have a clear process that has been discussed and agreed with your local pharmacy for.

Referral of patients back into the surgery if required and for both teams to be familiar with this process the purpose of care navigation is to encourage patients to use pharmacy as their first port of call and.

To take responsibility for their own care please.

Do not start diverting patients to a community pharmacy.

Without having a conversation with them first as this could hinder the referral process and.

Lead to patients being bounced around the system self care of minor ailments is the biggest opportunity for care navigating.

Patients to community pharmacy and community pharmacies support GP practice team to refer patients with minor ailments to the community pharmacy in the pharmacy the patient will be seen by a pharmacist or a person working under the supervision of a pharmacist the patient will be given advice about self-care and a product may.

Be recommended to purchase many medicines are available to purchase from non pharmacies however no professional advice or input is available and it is the professional advice which is very important to prevent an.

Inappropriate purchase of a medicine we need to give patients a clear and consistent.

Message that advice from pharmacy will always be free but if a product is recommended to help support patients with self-care then they will need to buy it.

This will help the person being navigated know what to expect at the pharmacy and reduce the chance of them re presenting at the GP practice you may also want to outline that the pharmacy team are likely to ask the patient a few questions to check that the medicine is most suitable for them there are many instances when.

Need to be referred back to the GP and we would like this referral process to and from GP practices to be agreed locally between the GP practice teams and community pharmacy teams community pharmacy teams see many common ailments on a daily basis and help patients to manage them the list you can see consists of some.

Of the more commonly occurring conditions which can be treated by self-care advice and possibly buying a product.

Recommended by the pharmacy team there are times when these common conditions cannot be managed in the community pharmacy and will need to be referred back to the GP practice this is why it is very important.

The referral process to and from GPS is clear and produced an agreement with community pharmacy teams and GP practice teams so each team is aware of when and how to use it this prevents patients feeling like they have been bounced around the system there are.

Some instances when patients may be referred back to the GPS and this can be if the symptoms are not improving or responding to.

Treatment symptoms describes suggest something more serious or it could be due.

To a restriction of supply of medicines due to the licensing laws patient safety is a primary concern and patients may be referred back to the GP practice if they are experiencing any of the red flags symptoms shown on the slide the pharmacist me referred the patient if they feel the patient’s condition cannot be managed with advice or a pharmacy purchase medicine part of the discussion with your local pharmacy should be about understanding.

The reasons why patients are referred back this is part of a two-way conversation winter is a time when GP practice teams can make full use of the Care navigation process they will often see patients who suffer.

With coughs and calls and these patients can be supported by the pharmacy in managing their own health.

And help ease the pressure on GP practice teams at a very busy time.

This should also help assist the GP practices with managing the demand for GP appointments other opportunities for care.

Navigating patients to community pharmacy includes medicine use reviews if a patient isn’t sure about what their medicines are for or how to use them correctly they can be referred to the pharmacy for a medicines use review this health patients to understand their medicines it is carried out by a pharmacist in a consultation room and patients can discuss issues with their pharmacist who are experts in medicines this is not a clinical medication review but to review about how they are using their medicines these.

Services have been designed to complement each other medicine use reviews are ideal to support those patients who are mixed up about their medicines it is a free NHS service so the patients do not need to pay for it.

The other pharmacy service in community pharmacy that patients can be care navigated into is the new medicine service when a patient is prescribed a new medicine for a long-term condition for the first time they can get extra help and advice from their community pharmacy team for condition areas have been selected to be included.

In the initial rollout of the new medicine service these are asthma including COPD type-2 diabetes hypertension and antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy the new medicine service is also a free service other services that may be provided in community.

Pharmacy are stopping smoking and travel clinics which many of you may be aware of there.

Are other services and we would encourage you to talk to your local pharmacist to find which services they.

Provide so you can care navigate your patients appropriately to services available from the community pharmacies in your area good communication between GP practice teams and community pharmacy teams is.

Essential to make sure care navigation is successful a clear understanding of how each of the.

Works and knowledge of the services of pharmacy provides and a brief understanding of how the services work are all very important in making care navigation to community pharmacies successful walk in my shoes is an.

Initiative which can help to build good working relationships between GP and community pharmacy teams to improve communication understanding and knowledge of how each team works the walk in my shoes initiative can be used locally to facilitate the conversation between practices and pharmacy to enable effective and safe care navigation staff from GP practices are given the opportunity to visit community pharmacies.

And community pharmacy staff are given the opportunity to visit GP practices to learn with and from each other in an effort to build relationships improve systems and identify solutions together a toolkit has been developed to facilitate walk in my shoes engaging with walk.

In my shoes will help with the rollout of care navigation which will have benefits to both GP practice teams and community pharmacy teams for the GP practices it aims to improve patient care save GP time by not using unnecessary appointments reducing the pressures on GPS and improving the primary care access for those patients who actually need it it should also.

Help in working to improve the relationship between community pharmacy and GP practices there are benefits to community pharmacy – and again it aims to improve patient care it is able to promote other services that the community pharmacy provides it gains patient trust and improves the working relationships with the GP practices this should help to build trust into the working relationships between both the GP and community pharmacy teams care navigation is a great opportunity to bring both professionals.

Together helped to reduce the pressure on each of those teams improve working relationships leading to providing our patients with the support to help them navigate through the NHS and social care system the.

Care navigation – community pharmacy to.

Be successful it must in collaboration a list of resources can be found here and the most useful one here is the walk in my shoes toolkit which contains really useful information about how to get involved with the initiative medicine use reviews and the new medicine service was mentioned earlier and the.

Patients were eligible to use these services can be found on the tool links shown this is the end of my presentation I hope you are successful in implementing care navigation to community.


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