I like the collaboration here because the dentists are always full of passion excitement to learn and this conference was very interesting because obviously we have different disciplines working and discussing with each other solutions for patients and I’m very happy that I was able to present my search for protocols to enhance the sight of implants and to really get.

Results they feel very comfortable here the conference hall it was amazing amazing and the the exhibition hall and all aspects I love it and interaction with the audience during my lecture I really really appreciate.

The way that they managed the discussion and everything was absolutely perfect my goal here is not to go to the dentist but to go straight to the the patients because the benefits are especially for help people are somehow friendlier here somehow warmer here it’s much easier to feel more relaxed and certainly has a speaker that’s how you need to feel to be able to comfortably present your material the standard of the content has been exceptional I can strongly recommended for the conference to visit I found really interesting events and we did.

A wonderful venue sudden really actual topics that the nowadays are really important in the field of their restorative and implant dentistry so I really enjoyed this meeting and I hope.

That they will host deflation in the future to be involved again in these kind of opportunities you.


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