Today’s Japanese game where our question of the days does honey cure coughs of children under the age of six stay tuned to find out hi Jessi from pop n Rita from MEDLINE Jory from Wikipedia and we have Jesse on up first what is your choice of category Jesse on I’ll go with Pico for 100 please all right okay.

What is the population Wikipedia yes just regular adults with the cop oh the Wikipedia I’m.

Sorry that’s not correct but any would like to try here for the correct answer yes Jesse there is 300 children that you just went to five that is correct and we have our first points allotted to Jesse on here congratulations and Rita now your question what do you choose I’ll go with Pinkle for 200 absolutely a what is the intervention and the comparison yeah um so the intervention was the 10.
Grams of the citrus honey and then the comparison 10 grams of.

Honey the 10 grams of the lab BFG honey and then the placebo a silent date extract very correct all aspects congratulation our next question here belongs to Jory Jory what do.

You choose here absolutely ok what is the primary outcome yes Jesse a frequency that is correct and now we’re back to Jesse and Jesse and.

What’s your selection Pico for 400 please absolutely ok contestants what are the secondary outcomes of this study yes story dad Brad um no anyone else.

Because I’m changing coughs uh bearded bothersome this to the child asleep quality of the parent and sleep quality of the child.

That’s interact 400 points for you Rita enjoy your up here what’s your selection Pecos 500 all right however the results collected yes so the parents answer your bereavement questionnaire.

The night before the study and then a interview over the phone questionnaire was done the night after the study and it was done by the same parent and the questionnaire was a 0 to 6 scale and the questions on that 0 6 scale were based on the primary and the secondary outcomes of the study correct those points are yours Rita and we’re back up with.

A new category we have jewelry up next what do you choose confounding 100 absolutely oh right was the randomization done and was it adequate yes Tori yes it was adequate except for the number of males correct Wikipedia I’m surprised I’m impressed you get those noises alright just now Europe what’s.

Your selection yes okay what’s their intention to treat depth no very correct Jesse on those points are yours all right next question Rita your up with your choice I’m uncle is planning for $100 right okay Rita what they’re blinding wasn’t adequate and could have unblinding occurred yes so this was a double-blind study and the binding was adequate because the procedure.

That they knew this was a silent day extract which was similar in appearance and taste to the honey so unbinding could probably not have a good awesome okay that’s correct those points are yours tolerate Joey you up what’s your topic choice by is.

200 absolutely all right were the groups treated equally aside from the study intervention any takers here none alright I guess this one’s on me alright well they were allowed.

To have an analgesic the night before and they were allowed to add the intervention into an uncaf and ated beverage so I guess those points are mine alright we’re back here Rita you’re up what’s your choice I’ll go for chants.

100 okay was a power calculation done and is the sample size large enough they did a podcast relation of 90% they found that they needed a minimum of 60 in each group to find a difference and they after dropouts they maintained over 60 excellent that is.

Correct yes and those points are yours all are make Jessie on Europe what’s your selection the results are what Emily’s okay what were the results of the primary outcome so the primary outcome was the.

Cop frequency so the such as honey showed an improvement of one point nine five points on the scale the L honey I came over the name was one.
Point eight two points better and the.

Eucalyptus honey was one point seven seven points but the placebo wasn’t as good it’s only about a 1-point difference I’ll give you that one that’s correct congratulations got those buzzes later Europe what’s.

Your selection of results 200 okay what is the best and worst case scenario and where their confidence intervals done chori there were no confidence and correct good job Wikipedia jury Europe what’s your selection okay we’re there any concerning adverse events or results wrong again no wikipedia that’s incorrect.

Can someone please take over yes Rita there were no concerning adverse.

Events correct those points are yours all right Jesse on it’s your turn mr.
selection uh-huh results 400 I think all right in this study were the results statistically significant and were they clinically significant yes Rita the results were statistically significant but they were not very clinically significant because there was only a 0.1 difference between the citrus honey and the other two honey’s but a 1-point difference between the citrus honey very good correct those points belong to you Renate you’re up.

Again what’s your selection results 500 all right we’re there any interesting secondary results that you noticed not really they all showed an improvement similar to the improvement call frequency they were statistically significant but not clinically very good those points are yours congratulations Joey you’re up here.

What’s your selection all right are the results generalizable yes Troy yes children aged one to five are a common population for contracting upper respiratory all right Jessie on Europe what’s.

Your choice generalizability 300 Jesse IQs Elena moment Daisy double today and that question is going to be is this a feasible intervention yes yes it’s a feasible intervention because it’s a common household item so it’s easy cheap and accessible awesome Rita you’re a winner of The Daily Double today congratulations those points oh we’re dream have.

You found out anything I actually did as it was researching I found this a really good article in PubMed next normally we don’t recommend any cough medicines for children under the age of six but they did find something about honey that I think might be of interest to you okay this is actually.

A really safe alternative to give to your child before bedtime it may or may not improve the symptoms but right now it is a good alternative to give it this time okay sounds good give that a try.


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