Good evening you don’t need to be a medical professional to save someone’s life like the flambeaux pharmacy we’ll start offering a medication that can reverse an opioid overdose the staff hopes that some people will be able to save a life with that new tool news watch those Dakota sherek spoke with some people at Peter Christensen Health Center on.
How they will soon be able to help provide people with naloxone.

She joins us in the studio with more on our top story Dakota good evening Blaine Nowak soon.

Sometimes called nor can is a medication that can prevent a potentially fatal opioid overdose and it’s fairly simple to use in the next week Peter Christensen health center pharmacy patients may be able to take a dose of that life-saving drug home accidents can’t happen and it doesn’t necessarily.

Mean that it’s being abused the Peter Christensen Health Center pharmacy doesn’t just want to help treat overdoses for people who’ve been prescribed in opioid if you know someone or are just concerned that you may be in a situation and able to provide.

Assistance to someone then you are eligible to get an A Locke’s own kit pharmacist Nicola port and Danny freed Leigh say accidental opioid abuse and overdose is on the rise so starting on Monday people registered at the clinic who meet a certain.

Criteria will be able to access analogue some nasal spray kit of their own and the pharmacist will do a consultation with them which includes going over the medication what it is.

What it isn’t what it’s intended to do how to use it if they’re in a situation where stuff like this comes up because it is going around everywhere that they are kind of informed and prepared to assist and potentially save lives people seeking a kit will need to provide some information but there’s no database where we’re gonna be trying to you know get anyone in any kind of trouble if they are simply trying to help the.

Community without stigmatizing anyone in the process we don’t assume that you are taking medications or that you plan to abuse medications this is more to make sure that people are safe in case of an accident tribal members registered at that clinic who qualify can take Anna Locke’s own kit home for free non-tribal members can use insurance or pay about an eighty five dollar fee for more information on these specific criteria a.

Patient needs to meet visit WJ f w calm.



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