Hey YouTube what’s up Facebook and Instagram cool what’s up guys it’s Dean welcome to man for yoga and in today’s video so I’ve been doing a ton of live videos this week and the reason is because I’ve created a ton of new content and I’m sharing it all now and this is the last video practice that I’ll be.

Doing this week in relation to all the other ones that I’ve been doing and this particular broadcast is going.

To focus on yoga as an injury prevention and as a rehabilitation form of exercise so.

Even if you’re not if you’re watching this live let me know if this applies to you just leave a comment let me know what kind of problems you’ve had or issues you’ve had in the past and if you’re not watching this live then.

Just leave a comment anyways and I’ll get to it as soon as I can so we’re gonna be using these videos for quite some time so this will be relevant.

Even a year after we made this so yoga is injury prevention and rehabilitation so this video and and this this path or what I’m calling paths of our community is for people who are injury prone or people have recurring injuries for people who have had where recovery come back or hip or shoulder injury people who are unable to do normal exercise because they just have.

Pain or discomfort or they’re just again kind of injury prone so we have a lot of people who have had bad surgery in the past maybe they just have recurring issues that just don’t seem to go away this can include knee problems shoulder problems wrist problems neck spine problems it’s also really relevant to people who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk so this is also for desk workers typically these.

People are you know tip if you fall in this if you identify with this group or with this path you typically have a medium or a our level of fitness motivation that’s not to say that this doesn’t include people who have a higher level of motivation but usually those people who have a higher level of motivation to.

Workout will address those issues that are causing them to to have injuries or maybe they just maybe you just don’t know why your injury crowman or why you’re having these issues some other characteristics of these types of people I’m talking about now.
Not a lot of focus on the type of.

Exercise that helps to build a foundational strength so you might go through your exercises really quickly without paying a lot.

Of attention to form maybe you do a lot of maybe you like high-intensity workouts you like things were moving quickly and you don’t really slow things down you probably.

Don’t have great core strength you probably don’t do a lot of full body movements where you’re integrating everything and you probably don’t move a lot so I’m assuming that if your injury Cronin you know you’re having a you know or your um machine gun if you’re an injury prone that you’re not moving a lot on a daily.

Basis you might be apprehensive about.

Movement just because it hurts or.

Maybe you just do the bare minimum of what you need to do you might even be on painkillers on you know taking ibuprofen.

Every few hours or maybe something stronger every few hours just to get to the day so these are the kind of people that I’m talking about that fit into this injury prevention and this rehabilitation program sorry never get the patient program but kind of this identity and so what will be really.

Helpful for these types of people so type of yoga that’s going to help these this identity this is you is a young program that goes very slowly so that focuses on exercises that you can safely do with your particular issues so you know if you have back issues that means that you’re not going to be doing forward folds right you’re.

Not going to reaching down and touching your toes does that hurts your back if you have issues you’re not going to be doing really deep twist you’re probably not going to be doing you know exercise as intensive someone else you’re probably going to be doing handstands or you know something advanced like that we’re gonna be more focused on developing functional.

And when I say functional I kind of mean just daily fitness or the strength and the ability to accomplish.

Daily tasks so we’re gonna be much more focused on re-establishing a functional level of fitness so that you can move throughout the day without pain that you can do the task that you want to do that you can you know reach your arms overhead and you can.

Comfortably sit down and do a squat that you can get through the night without back pain so if you wake up during the night from pain or if you if you if you’re sitting.
At a desk and you just have a lot.

Of pain because you know because your back hurts this is who this is really going to help out so some other some other ways that this is some other ways that some of the types of yoga that you want to that you want to focus on are more technique.

Focused yoga because if you have injuries if you’re injury prone or if you’re going through rehabilitation there’s a reason.

Why that injury happened in the first place and it’s usually put usually because of improper movement patterns so it means that you are either exercising.

In a way that wasn’t efficient for your body and you were developing muscular imbalances that let on.

The over exertion of one particular muscle group because your other muscles weren’t doing enough so that ended up an injury or you ended.

Up straining or you’re gonna putting too much strain on you know a particular joint maybe you weren’t using your core.

You’re using hips enough so that resulted in lower back pain and lower back injury so these are some typical you know so these are some ways that so we need to yoga in a.

Way that helps these people by again focusing on develop and delt developing a functional level of strength and mobility by.
Teaching you how to move correctly by.

Slowing things down and making sure that you are engaging the proper muscles that you’re using your body the way it’s supposed to be used so this is.

How yoga is going to be most effective for you and I also put in this title of this video inspired by by physical by physical therapy and I’m not a physical therapist I’ll go straight off and say that I’m not a physical therapist but I have made programs with working with physical therapists to.


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