Hello my name is Liz Rocco and I am a Master of Arts in leadership candidate in the health stream at Trinity Western University this is my action research plan health care managers are primarily promoted from the front line they are strong in their clinical skills and demonstrate leadership skills with their colleagues on the front line but they rarely.
Have any management skills or.

Management training programs are offered internally and externally but they are often not timely and there is minimal opportunity to practice the management skills learned in these sessions due to the.

Operational demands at work new managers often do not get the mentorship coaching and support they require or desire they often report they feel they are left to sink or swim new managers and their employees.

Are left feeling frustrated Future Leaders observe this dynamic and since they are highly motivated to succeed they.

Lose interest in applying for management positions so succession planning also becomes a challenge to areas that new managers typically have minimal experience with our conflict management and holding staff accountable one training program that was offered to us as healthcare managers was crucial.

Accountabilities offered through vital smarts the materials are designed to assist managers to hold others accountable improve performance and.

Ensure execution many of the managers in my portfolio including myself have taken this training but much of this knowledge has been lost with the day-to-day responsibilities and missed opportunities to apply the skills and practice the hypothesis is that reading and reviewing the material coupled with a peer group discussion will a enable managers to intentionally apply the principles in their practice and be create a safe and positive accountability framework this presentation outlines an action research study plan that will examine the effectiveness.

Of a peer group study format on self-reported performance in the management.

Carpet see of having accountability conversations there will be six participants in this study the five managers in my portfolio and myself all of us have varying levels of experience in management with a range of 3 months to 15 years the methods require all participants to complete an assigned reading from the crucial accountabilities textbook and then participate in a bi-weekly study group that will require a report on what they learned from the reading how it.

Was applied successes and areas to improve both quantitative and qualitative data will be collected.
Participants will be asked to use a tick sheet to measure.

How many times they engage in a crucial accountability conversation prior during and after the training to track changes they will also complete the self-assessment questionnaire provided with the training materials pre and post-training that will quantitatively measure their perceived confidence and competence in in engaging in these conversations.

They will also be asked to provide a qualitative assessment of the study group format and its effectiveness feedback on what was ineffective and any ideas they have for improvement this qualitative data collection will then be grouped into themes and where there are multiple reports of ineffectiveness in a certain area or improvement ideas these will then be used for the next cycle this action research.

Plan is focused on addressing the problem of.

Experience with human resource management practices and the discomfort they have in having conversations to hold others accountable for their work performance it is proposed that a peer study group will solve.
The problem by creating a safe and positive.

Environment where managers can learn from each.

Other and be accountable to one another for putting the skills they have learned to use if effective it will enhance the confidence and competence of these managers and will improve the work environment because all staff will.

Be held to the same standard standard and held accountable for their performance with the establishment of one provincial Health Authority in Saskatchewan and the complete change in the organizational structure all current and future managers need the support of their leaders and their peers to develop the competence and confidence they need to manage well confident and competent leaders will influence employees to be confident and competent caregivers these are the steps to evidence-based best practice patient and family-centered care the.


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