You know we tend to think of oral health as being in the in the purview of the dentist’s right and at apex we actually collaborate with the dental community but it turns out that that’s an artificial distinction that the mouth is somehow separate from the body and we know that the gums are a source of infection inflammation and.

We know the status of the mouth plays a huge role in our overall general health we know that people with heart attacks have microbes that originated from the gums in the plaque that caused the heart attack etc etc so we know that cancer is.

Related to it also so at Apex we take a look at what bacteria are populating their mouth and then we optimize those bacteria through number of different ways to actually get.

Rid of the bad guys increase the good guys help you make more nitric oxide which is great for your arteries and then diminish the risk of inflammation cancer and heart disease that comes along with bad bacteria.


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