Hi guys welcome to the video my name’s Andy kid and I’m I use a muscle activation method called be activated to make athletes quicker and stronger and today I want to talk more about relaxation funny enough I talked about it and bang on about it in other videos but today I want to talk about something that’s really important.

How you feel and I talked about relaxation in other videos I talked about being in the flow I talked about how they they’re so important for sports performance but how you feel is crucial so.

Feel like to be relaxed fear how you feel is crucial to sports performance that’s the one thing that’s golden if you feel bad you’re likely to weaken in your body switch off muscles and raise the chance of entry levels but raise the chance of you performing badly whereas if you feel good you’re in more bodies in a positive state and it’s strong and it’s more likely to perform well so you when you’re feeling.

Good you likely you’re going to be in a relaxed state and so what does it feel like so it means a lot of things relaxation means a lot of things for different people and it’s such a broad subject.

And it’s hard to put something into words but we need to I need to give you an indication of what you’re looking for what you’re heading for which when in terms of your sports performance so for me what feeling relaxed means is.

Totally in the present moment right now it’s almost like your mind is just sitting your skull there’s no thoughts coming in no thoughts of what you have to do or what you’ve done or what you’ve to do lists or your training in the future any of your future future moments or past moments that they’re not there your what your your mind is just sitting there without any thoughts coming into your mind and it’s it is possible to get that it.

Is possible and once you’re in that state your mind is just sitting there it’s not thinking of anything it’s perfectly in the present moment and you’re kind of grounded in the present moment so you’d like me to notice things around you.

Likely to be clearer as well and when you like that then you’re real in a relaxed state and that’s something you need to practice throughout the day it’s not just something you practice straight for your sport no no in the sport you actually trained kind of a small percentage of the week you’re at you’re actually you should got relaxed throughout the day 24/7 so there’s something you got to practice outside your sport.

And you’ve got so you press it outside of your sport so you’d get the hang of it inside your sport and.

You set the habit of it inside your sport and also when you’re inside the training and stuff like that you were more likely when the competition hits and the most important.

Competitions hits you’re going to be.

In a relaxed state because you’ve practiced it so it’s something you need to practice outside of your training in between your training sessions not just inside your training sessions so relaxation is sets the base so what we’re looking for is actually that as I say that.

Present my feeling the present moment nots no thoughts rushing into your mind you’re constantly relaxed and you once you get to that state once you get to the state where no thoughts.

Are rushing in you’re totally in the racks and the present.

Moment your mind is just as I say sitting there.

As if it’s taking a break I like to think of a brain as it’s almost in an armchair it’s just sitting there once you have that then you’re in a relaxed state and.

It doesn’t mean you can’t get more relaxed – it’s something it’s an in small indication that you’re in you’re on the right path now there’s different ways of doing it I’ve gone through in different videos in terms of bringing that state about you can think of a positive moment.

In or feeling of that you positive experience you’ve had funnily enough I talked about being a present moment I talked about then I’m talking about something that you could think about in the past positive moments once you do that.

That’s going to help you get into the present moment and just relax in the present moment funnily enough and you could also do deep breathing exercises and talk about breathing but you have to just commit to the breathing as well and after each breath what exhalation you’ve got to let the body relax into the ground or into the bed or wherever you are relaxed and you can do that and those are two good things to bring her out relaxation and.

Once you do that you should once you perfect that technique then you can then you’ll get that feeling of just what I was talking about that relaxation of you know just purely sitting there in the present moment embracing it everything.
And no thoughts rushing into your mind I hope that you a clear indication.

Like as I say it means different things for different people so if you’ve got any comment below about relaxation or how it feels.

Then please put them below if you like the video please like it and if you can share I really would appreciate it but I hope that video was helpful and thanks for what you.


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